Benefits of a Termite Inspection

Miami-Dade Termite Inspection Florida

American Home Detectives provides Miami-Dade residents with a termite inspection Florida to make sure their homes are structurally sound. Termite inspections or wood destroying organism (WDO) inspections refer to reports done by licensed pest-control specialists determining whether wood-destroying insects are present in a home. This inspection is required by most lenders prior to approving a home loan. It is also a good way for homeowners to be informed on the structural status of their home, and make repairs if necessary.

Why get a termite inspection?

As stated above, a termite inspection Florida is typically required by the bank before they approve a home loan. Also, these wood destroying organisms left unchecked can cause significant damage to your home. This damage can range from a few wall studs to total structural failure. These insects typically borough through the ground or fly through the air, entering a home through tiny cracks or vents and ultimately finding their way inside walls, attics and crawl-spaces. From there the structural components of your home become an all-you-can-eat buffet, leaving you with a hefty bill. Some of the areas termites commonly destroy are:

Wood Siding
Structural supports

It is important to get a termite inspection Florida because it can alert you to problems before you buy, allowing you to address the issues before they become a costly mistake. If you already own a home, getting a termite inspection can provide you with valuable information about the structural integrity of your home and any repairs you may need to make.

How much do they cost?

American Home Detectives partners with several of the most reputable pest-control companies in South Florida to help keep termite inspections affordable. If you are looking for more information, want a quote or need to schedule a termite inspection Florida in the Miami-Dade County area, contact us today.