How Long Does A Home Inspection Last?

A typical home inspection for a home under 2,000 sq. ft. usually takes between an hour and a half to two hours to perform.  The time to complete an inspection will vary by the size and condition of the property. The age of the home could potentially add time to perform an inspection.  For example, an older property may have greater issues and could feature a crawlspace that will need more time to inspect.  Additionally, additional services required, such as a pool inspection, insurance inspections, and termite inspections could extend the home inspection appointment.

Do I Have To Be Present For The Home Inspection?

We do not require you to be present for the home inspection appointment.  We understand you have busy schedules and you can’t always have time to attend each appointment throughout the real estate purchasing process. We welcome it if you choose to stay for the length of the inspection.  Once we are done with your home inspection and you are there, we walk you through the home and show you any significant issues that we found.

When Will I Receive My Report?

We perform our inspection reports electronically on-site.  Therefore, all home inspection reports will be ready immediately following the completion of the home inspection.

Same Day Report, Really?

If you schedule your home inspection for 9:00 am, your report will be ready when we leave by 11:30 am, if not sooner.  You will receive your report electronically in your email with full photos. You may save your report and can share it with whoever you choose, such as your realtor, insurance company, or other.

What If I Have Questions for the Inspector After They Leave?

You can always call our office at 561-609-2274.  If it is after hours or you prefer email for any technical questions, you may email the inspector at info@americanhomedetectives.com.  Just be sure to reference your property address and the nature of your question, and we will respond with the best resource to help you.