What Our Clients Say About Us

Royale J. on June 9, 2015

"You can tell Chris takes great pride in his work. He is confident without being arrogant. He took the time to answer questions and go over his findings. He even gave some personal recommendations on how some of the repairs should be done. The most impressive part of the whole experience was how quickly Chris and his team got us all 4 reports. Within 24 hours we had the full house inspection, the WDO (termite) inspection, the 4-point inspection, and the wind mitigation delivered to our email in an easy to read format. Lastly if you are working on with a tight budget, these guys are the best at working with you. We got everything done for under $400."


Vana R. on June 9, 2015

"Chris was knowledgeable even during our initial contact and he made me very comfortable knowing that we were going to have all our answers. He communicated throughout the entire process and he was able to accommodate a quick appointment too! He spent 2 hours on the property doing the inspection and took another 15 minutes after to not only go over any issues but really talk with us about what could be done to fix a couple things here and there. Thank You Chris!"


James M. on May 8, 2015

"Chris is in a league of his own. A thorough inspection that made us aware of all risks associated with the purchase. I will recommend him to anyone that decides to buy a home. Further, if you have a tight schedule to conduct inspections, his use of technology certainly speeds things up. Thanks again Chris!"


Juan O. on April 30, 2015

"Outstanding Professional, on time, he took the time to answer my concerns and questions, he did a full inspection, 4 point inspection and wind mitigation for a fair price, checking every inch of the property i'm intended to buy, i received the inspection results on my email a few minutes after, he's a pro, his thumbtack, reviews ask for themselves. Thanks Chris."


Shelley J. on January 18, 2015

"Chris was awesome. Reaaaaaaally thorough and meticulous. Also the best priced service I found. Super nice, he had everything to me - complete inspection report, 4-point, wind mitigation - the same day. Fantastic service and a super nice guy. I can see why he gets so many positive reviews!"

Nathaly M. on May 31, 2016

"Service was great. Inspector gave us a good feedback on the house. He was very detailed with the inspection. He checked every single corner of the house and took a lot of pictures. He showed us the report right there is his phone, and told us what was the most important repair to get done."


Ebony E. on March 15, 2016

"Chris was very professional, showed up on time and got right to work. Took his time to go through each section of the home. Identified a major unforeseen problem that could potentially costs thousands of dollars. Walked me through everything in detail. Received report same day. Did a great job and highly recommend him."


Ed P. on July 22, 2015

"I am so happy I chose this company to do my home inspection. He showed up on time and delivered all reports on the same day. His reports are very detailed with lots of pics, and he suggested good recommendations. Great company to deal with if you are working on with a tight budget and deadline. Lastly, Vicky was very helpful and courteous. She answered my questions well and always return my calls promptly. Thanks guys!"


Doug S. on August 15, 2015

"Condo Inspection and Wind Mitigation reports. Mr. Hawkins had the 4 "P's" - Prompt, Professional, Personable, and great Price. I have a long history in both the construction and insurance industries, and it was immediately obvious that he knew what he was doing, explained everything well, and even went the extra step to access needed areas to complete the inspection. Great job Chris!"


Natalia K. on June 17, 2015

"Chris spent over 2 hours thoroughly going through every single inch of the property. We are very satisfied with his work as he opened our eyes on the property we were about to mistakenly purchase. He found a lot of small details all over the place, took detailed pictures and also took the time to explain his findings in the end. Thank you!!!"

Alicia N. on June 11, 2014

"I contacted looking for a qualified home inspector. I liked the reviews he received and followed up by going to his website then I emailed him back and forth verifying information and asking more questions. He sounded as good as his reviews. He came out today, did the inspection walked me through the house showing me the areas of concern. Then gave me a full inspection report a 4 pt report, a wind mitigation report and a had an inspector me him there to do the WDO inspection! Chris was not only timely, courteous, and professional, but did a great and through job on the report. I feel so much better going into this sale and I am a high stress person! Thank you Chris!"


Rose C. on June 11, 2014

"I have some damaged water stained drywall. I was informed by a company that i would first need to see if there is any mold behind the drywall. I contacted by Mr. Hawkins through my use of thumbtack (better than Angie List). He replied promptly. We set an appointment time. He kept the appointment time, was very professional, courtesy, competent in his job performance and the final written report was clear and on point. I also thought his price was fair. I would definitely refer Mr. Hawkins to family, friends and i would use his company again. Thank you once again for a job well done."


Maria S. on April 22, 2014

"I had my inspection today and I am very impressed! Chris really took his time and found things I wouldn't have even thought of. I would use them again for sure!"


Alex S. on April 15, 2014

"Very thorough company. They went through every issue with me without rushing which I appreciated because I don't know much about construction or home maintenance. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends!"

Ketly J. on May 3, 2014

"Chris was the first person to contact me after I put in my request. I didn't provide much information in the initial request regarding the services I needed, but when he called me he very cordially asked questions to find out exactly what needed done. I explained to him what I needed to have done. He really took his time to explain to me what he would be doing in the process. I was not available at the time of the service, but he explained to me everything he did and what was found and what it meant in great detail. He allowed me to ask lots of questions and patiently answered every single one. He did an outstanding and extremely thorough job. If I could give more than five stars I totally would. I have his phone number saved and I will definitely recommend him to all my family and friends! I am still in awe and very impressed!"


Rahil M. on June 13, 2014

"I called Chris on Thursday morning to check his availability and he told me that he has several assignments but will be able to help me any best way possible. I told him that I needed an evaluation done for a home asap and he said he will be able to do it this evening after another assignment. I requested that if he can meet me earlier, it would be better for me. He politely told me that he spends 2-3 hours on each home and cannot make it earlier without affecting the quality of his evaluation for another home. He showed up at time. He was very thorough in his inspection and he explained everything patiently during the entire 2.5 hour of home evaluation. he came across findings that my realtor had missed and were significant that if i had gone ahead to purchase our house, i would have been stuck with a home that could potentially flood. I appreciate his professionalism and I would recommend him to any new home buyer that wants a good honest recommendation and evaluation of their first home."


Margaret S. on April 15, 2016

"I'm purchasing a new home and ordered a property inspection via American Detectives. They were fast to respond and provide information. They were able to inspect the property within the timeframe I required. They conducted the inspection and I received the report within the following couple of hours. I was very impressed. There were so many things in the report that I would not have otherwise known. Armed with this information we were able to go back to the owners and request a $2000 reduction on the property due to it needing a brand new HVAC straight away among other imminent repairs. I highly recommend this company!"